It’s 8.42 am right now…

I woke up, and recalled that I dream about something similar to my previous entry. I really don’t know what it means, but it is kind of real.

I stayed in a hostel or apartment with a few friends of mine. A few rooms across, there are 3 guys living in another room and a friend of mine know them. I was away when my friends went up and get to know the guys, when I got back; the girls dragged me to meet the new friends they just met.

The guys opened their door and smiled at me, I just said “hi”, and one of the guys saw me and smiled, told me what’s his name was. I remembered his name was Johnson, he has blue eyes, blonde brown hair. He was the one who looked at me for a while and tole me his name.

Few moments later, he asked me to date with him, I eventually said yes (LOL). He even gave me a key, told me it’s the key to his gaming room (it’s a dream… anything may happen). One thing funny, he always go out with his friends and left his mobile phone around and I had to keep for him. He don’t talk much, so I can’t get much on him…

I really wondering what’s the meaning of it? To me, it’s pretty much a dream, and made me wondered about if the person is actually existed and am I going to meet him?