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It’s 8.42 am right now…

I woke up, and recalled that I dream about something similar to my previous entry. I really don’t know what it means, but it is kind of real.

I stayed in a hostel or apartment with a few friends of mine. A few rooms across, there are 3 guys living in another room and a friend of mine know them. I was away when my friends went up and get to know the guys, when I got back; the girls dragged me to meet the new friends they just met.

The guys opened their door and smiled at me, I just said “hi”, and one of the guys saw me and smiled, told me what’s his name was. I remembered his name was Johnson, he has blue eyes, blonde brown hair. He was the one who looked at me for a while and tole me his name.

Few moments later, he asked me to date with him, I eventually said yes (LOL). He even gave me a key, told me it’s the key to his gaming room (it’s a dream… anything may happen). One thing funny, he always go out with his friends and left his mobile phone around and I had to keep for him. He don’t talk much, so I can’t get much on him…

I really wondering what’s the meaning of it? To me, it’s pretty much a dream, and made me wondered about if the person is actually existed and am I going to meet him?

Song: Enchanted by Taylor Swift (to Adam Young of Owl City?)

This song is just gorgeous!! I really love it!

Just remembered something really dreamy happened today…(tho it’s only a dream)

I remembered I was with some friends in a vacation spot, it’s a highland…  I walked around and spotted a white dog, it was really cute and looking at me. I went to it and noticed there’s a family who are the dog’s owner around. They are a family of foreigners that are having lunch. A guy a little older than me came and said that I can pet the dog.

(Well… I already forgetting some parts when I got up…)

We talked a while and I found out he just lived nearby, we chat for a while and it was going very well. He’s quite a fun guy and it’s about older than me for 2 years or so. Lastly he asked me out!! (I forgot what’s going on but I only remember the aftermath…) He hold my hand out of the blue… (I think he did ask me to date him or stuff like that…)


Sadly.. it did not last, the alarm woke me up… or else, I can know what happens next and how he looks… I only know he is taller than me, he wears a grey shirt, a foreign guy, brown blonde hair… I never remember how he looks!

I wonder is it’s only a dream or it’s something else? But I really like it XD

I don’t know much of the whole story, but I know one thing: FAMILY DRAMA. This is serious… I hate it… It always make my parents said it out loud and I just don’t like to hear it. It’s not about my parent arguing, it’s on my relatives and my parents… on an issue that some can’t agree on.

What I did:

1. Took out my “best friend”— the earphones

2. Pick a rock and lous music… my pick of the day: Heart Heart Heartbreak by Boys Like Girls.

3. Try to get the volume loud enough to get the voices covered.

4. Get distracted with it.


Family should stay together and discuss in a polite and calm tone than saying in the phone and after haging up, the two would started to say bad things about the other… Don’t you think?