Who I Am by Nick Jonas & The Administration

Hi!! I am used to the name autome, and people know me with the name of autome as well ^w^

My actual name? Uh.. forget it… it sounds totally weird and not much people knows how to pronounce it correctly either… It’s unique, but way too unique…. XD

I love to draw!! I always dream of becoming a good illustrator or game character designer or even a mangaka! I also writes… I love to write novels and show it to my friends,  not just novels, my diary, blog, fanfictions, as well as random short stories. Other stuff I like to do is playing online games, specify: killing monster type, not dancing or shooting. I love music, well, who doesn’t? I love Adam Lambert and Alice Nine! >w< I prefer rock, pop, J-rock, J-pop. I don’t like Korean culture much, even tho it’s probably the most popular thing.

I love animals, especially cats! I also like dogs, but I prefer cats or felines. I also love paranormal and urban legends, to me they are not much of scary things, they are knowledge!

My personality…

Positive side is that I listens to others and advise people, I am easy-going, I accepts people the way they are. I believe that you don’t have to be outstanding, just be yourself, even no one knows you. I am a optimistic and also paranoid XD

Negative side, well… I’ll snap whenever something I don’t like occurs and I’ll go all over about it. Writing about why and what I hate  XD… Kinda short tempered sometimes and also… I annoys.